Trans visibility and trans viability: a roundtable

Bey et al. 2023. “Trans Visibility and Trans Viability: A Roundtable,” Journal of Visual Culture 21 (2): 297–320.

This Roundtable is crafted from the online event held on Saturday 20 November 2021 on Trans Visual Cultures, organized to celebrate the recently published themed issue of Journal of Visual Culture on new work in transgender art and visual cultures. Contributors to the journal’s themed issue were joined by interlocutor Jill Casid and respondent Jack Halberstam to share their thoughts on trans visual culture/s now. After the event, the organizers solicited additional reflections on the visual, trans visibility, and lived experience. Together, these act as a refractive prism for the potentials of trans art and visual culture, hopes and fears, kinship and community, lives and loves. The publication of this Roundtable takes the themed issue as a crucial springboard to further the demand that thinking with trans alters substantially the ways we approach the visual.