Feminist Engagments with Translation

Sharp, Wiley. 2024. “Feminist Engagements with Translation.” In Doing Feminist Urban Research: The GenUrb Project, edited by Linda Peake, Nasya Razavi, and Araby Smyth. Routledge.

This chapter introduces the politics of translation and interpreting, building upon the insights of the GenUrb project to theorise a decolonising feminist praxis of translation. First, it unpacks the issue of Anglophone hegemony in urban studies and its reproduction of epistemic injustice, underscoring the epistemological and political necessity of research that critically engages with translation. Next it turns to the colonial roots of Anglophone hegemony, reviewing decolonial critiques of translation. It explores decolonial feminist approaches to translation as key in dismantling colonial hierarchies and addressing the material legacies of colonisation, paying particular attention to the intersectional critiques of decolonial feminist scholars. In doing so, it foregrounds three key themes central to decolonising feminist translation studies: Anglophone hegemony; the role of difference in colonial power; and translation as decolonial-feminist praxis.